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We are a full time training facility capable of training any breed of dog. It should be noted that certain breeds are much better at tracking than others. In general, any breed coming from the Hunting, Scenting, and Herding groups make the better tracking dogs. We have also trained breeds from the Guardian and Terrier groups to perform tracking tasks. It should be noted that brachycephalic, short or pug nosed dogs, have many problems with breathing, and do not make good tracking dogs. They may be taught, but tire much more easily.

Our training schedule involves receiving your dog at its appointed time, placing it in one of our 4x10 foot kennels, and acclimating it to our environment. During your dog's stay, we provide the food, exercise, care and maintenance as if it were one of our own. Once the dog has settled into its comfort zone, usually within a day or two, we begin its training. Your dog will be trained five days each week, and have two days off just to be a dog. The method we use is a tried and proven method which will require about a four week stay.

Upon completion of the course, and the dog is performing to our satisfaction, we will contact you for pick up. In addition to training your dog, you will be presented with a tracking harness, a 30 foot tracking lead, and written instructions on commands and methods for working your dog. We will provide a demonstration of your dog's ability to track prior to leaving the kennel with the dog.

Our training philosophy and methods are all in my book, Canine Tracking Guide, which may be purchased directly from this website.

On the front page of this site I referenced a situation with a lost hunter and a blood tracking dog. With the training provided to your dog, you can be assured that your dog will track only the animal that you have indicated to him. Regardless of the number of other animals that may be in the same area, or the number of people who have walked over that track, your dog will do his job.

Your dog will be trained to locate the specific scent that you have presented to him. I have demonstrated our training to the Association of Deputy Sherriff's in Louisiana, in seminars, and in demonstrations for other organizations. In one of my seminars I was asked this same question. What if all of the hunters are looking for the deer, but can't find it? Will that interfere with my dog's finding the deer? I did a drag across a field with everyone watching. I then chose 10 people from the group to walk about 30 yards on top of the path that I had taken. The dog that was to search was given the scent mark and put to work. He worked through the accumulated people scent as if it wasn't there and made the find. This is what our training will do for your dog.

Through the training of Search and Rescue Dogs, I developed the training method we use for any tracking or blood trailing dog. The dog responsible for this development was a Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog named Ladyhawke. Read her history here.

Total program cost is $1500, payable when dog is delivered to us.
A $100 non-refundable deposit is required within 14 days of booking.
Your deposit will be applied to the total training cost.

Dogs must have:
Nylon or Leather Everyday collar. Collars provided at $20 per collar.
Shot record indicating all shots are up to date, including Bordetella (kennel cough.)

In addition to the required training, you will receive:
Equipment required to complete course will be provide.
Written instructions and demonstration provided at conclusion.

Forms of payment: Check, Cash, Money Order, Paypal. No Credit Cards.
Send to:
POB 248
Abita Springs, LA 70420
Via PayPal

For inquiries, or to schedule an appointment, Contact Us

If you prefer to purchase a dog that is already trained, we ask that you make prior arrangements at least three months in advance of wanting the dog.

If you already have a tracking dog, and you are experiencing some problems, Contact Us, and we may be able to help.